Path of the Citadel teaches that patience is a virtue that always rewards. It instructs that protecting those around oneself is paramount, and the best way to keep them safe is by blocking their path and baiting them into attacking.

Starting HP 24
Step HP 6


Feature Opportunist
Description You have no limit to how many Opportunity Attacks you can make per round.
At-Will Warding Strike
Action Attack
Range Melee
Roll Dex vs Dodge
Damage 1[W]+Str
Effect As long as you have a shield or a weapon in each hand, choose an adjacent space. Until the end of your next turn, enemies may not move through this space, and it can only be moved by moving you. If you fall unconscious or are knocked down, this effect ends.

Step 1

Feature Punish Movement
Description Gain +2 to all Opportunity attacks that you make
At-Will Unstoppable Force
Action Attack
Range Melee
Roll Dex vs Dodge
Damage 1[W]+Str
Description Slam into your enemy and move them backwards.
Effect You push the target 1 square in the direction you face them and enter the square they previously occupied.
Scene Not So Fast
Action Immediate
Range Melee
Roll Dex vs Dodge
Damage 1[W]+Str
Trigger An enemy hits or misses you or an adjacent ally with a melee attack.
Effect The Enemy is Immobilized until the end of your next turn

Step 2

Feature Armored Dodge
Description Add +1 to your Dodge when wearing Heavy Armor and wielding a Heavy Shield
At-Will Into the Fray
Action Move
Effect Choose an adjacent enemy and move up to your speed. If you end the movement in a square adjacent to that same enemy, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Daily Juggernaut Stance
Action Swift
Effect Until the end of the scene, whenever you use Unstoppable Force, you may choose to knock a target Knocked Down instead of pushing it. If you choose to push the target, and it cannot be moved due to blocking terrain, it is immobilized takes additional damage equal to your Strength.