Those on the Path of Decay wield the destructive elements of time, subjecting creatures and objects to deterioration and putrefaction in novel and cruel ways. It is only recently that these talents have been seen as anything other than anathema.

Starting HP

Step HP 4


At-Will Malediction
Action Swift
Range 5
Effect Once per round, afflict an enemy with Malediction. This lasts until the end of the scene or until you are incapacitated. Enemies afflicted take an extra 1d6 Damage per round when hit by your attacks.
At-Will Contagion
Action Attack
Range 10
Roll Int vs Dodge
Damage 1d6+Cha
Effect Perform the attack again, targeting the nearest enemy within 10 squares that the initial target can see, hitting a maximum of two times.

Step 1

Feature Death’s Door
Description After scoring a critical hit, you can teleport 4 squares as an immediate action.
At-Will Shadow of Death
Action Attack
Range Burst 2 Within 10
Description You create a zone of decay.
Effect All creatures within the zone at the end of your turn take Charisma Damage (Necrotic). The zone persists until you are incapacitated or the scene ends.
Scene Lifesteal
Action Attack
Range 10
Roll Int vs Dodge
Damage 2d10+Cha
Effect All damage resulting from this ability is returned to the caster as health.

Step 2

Feature Enfeeble
Description If you choose to use Malediction on an enemy already affected by it, you gain The Upper Hand against that enemy.
Daily Pangs of Death
Action Attack
Roll Int vs Dodge
Damage 3d8+Cha
Effect Targets all enemies affected by Malediction
Daily Bone Armor
Action Swift
Effect You gain shielding equal to Int + Charisma