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Have you ever wanted to create your own tabletop RPG built from everything you love about gaming, while dropping the crap you can’t stand? Listen in as as four homebrew hombres design, test, and rebalance their own RPG From Scratch again and again.

The Premise

Follow Josh, Doug, Maxx, and Liam, hosts of the writing podcast Bad Storytellers, as they take on their other passion: tabletop gaming. Their quest? Build a roleplaying game that meets all of their needs with the end goal of sharing it with the world. Listen in on the trials and errors of tabletop game design, explore the art of mechanics and storytelling, and adventure with them through epic playtesting.

The Scratch-Dice System


Josh La Forge – The Tank

Armored to the teeth and strong as an ox, Josh keeps the party safe by deflecting dangerous topics and protecting good ideas behind his shield. When he is not adventuring, he enjoys lifting heavy things, raising his child, and listening to the lamentation of the women.

Doug Banks – The Rogue

Hides in the shadows away from the rest of the group – landing unseen strikes of comedy as attacks of opportunity. Able to shift out of danger and blame it on a bad internet signal. When not backstabbing, Doug uses his high Influence stat to convince people of the existence of ghosts and record the fallout.

Maxx Wessel – The Wizard

Maxx rocks a cloak like he stole it. Schooled in the many histories, his knowledge of useless novelty spells is unmatched in each of the nine magical realms. Banned from Lemuria and Atlantis, he consoles himself by reading alternate history books in which magic does not exist.

Liam Malone – The Cleric

Worshipful of nothing but the flesh, Liam repairs party injuries in the most uncomfortable ways possible. He carries a mace made from a bust of his own likeness and revels in imprinting it on enemies that the others dispatch. When he is not employed as a violent pervert, he spends him time composing bad poetry in hopes of finding an ill-suited mate.

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