The Path of Radiance harnesses the healing and harmful effects of cosmic radiation. The source of this power is hotly debated with some viewing it as nothing more exceptional than other bodily magics, while the healing effects are viewed by others as a blessing from the heavens.

Starting HP

Step HP 4


Feature Penance
Description The damage you take as a result of Martyr accumulates as your Martyr Score. On your turn, you may add this to the healing you deal to single ally or the damage you deal to a single enemy. Spending your Martyr Score in this way reduces it to 0.
At-Will Martyr
Action Swift
Effect Until the end of the Scene, you establish a link with one creature. When this creature takes damage, before being reduced by Armor, you reduce the damage by an amount equal to your Charisma and take the damage yourself. The damage you take from this ability adds to your Martyr Score. The link persists until it is dismissed or the creature falls unconscious. You may transfer the link to a new target with a Move Action or dismiss it with a Swift Action.
At-Will Golden Flare
Action Attack
Range Burst 1 Within 5
Roll Int vs Dodge
Description A flash of light blooms, restoring those you favor.
Effect Heals all creatures within the burst for 2x Charisma

Step 1

Feature Acolyte’s Reward
Description When an ally regains hit points due to a power you have used, you are Guarded until the end of your next turn.
At-Will Burning Ray
Action Attack
Range 5
Roll Int vs Dodge
Damage 1d6(Enemy)/1d8(Ally)+Cha
Effect This ability can be cast on allies to heal them and automatically hits. for 2d6+Cha
Scene Radiant Defender
Action Attack
Range 5
Roll Int vs Dodge
Damage 2d8+Cha(Holy)
Effect An effigy of pure energy is summoned in an empty space adjacent to the target. Allies can move through the summoned aspect and even end their turns within its square. All allies adjacent to the effigy gain +2 to Dodge and +1 to Armor. It vanishes at the end of your next turn.

Step 2

Feature Radiant Overflow
Description Critical hits against enemies grant you Shielding equal to 2x Charisma.
Daily Soul Shield
Action Swift
Range Adjacent Ally
Effect You take undiminished damage equal to 2x your Charisma. The affected ally gains Shielding equal to 4x your Charisma.
Daily Heaven’s Favor
Action Attack
Range Adjacent Zone 3
Roll Int vs Dodge
Roll 3d6+Cha(Holy)
Effect You as well as Allies within the zone gain your Charisma as health, and all of your heals until the end of the encounter grant additional health equal to your Charisma. Enemies within the zone deal half damage until the end of your next turn.